Introducing Time Lace


I have no idea what I am doing. This isn’t the first game that I have made. Not even close. Is it because I want to tell a story about my life, something that means something to me, and not make another arcade game with a boring repetitive game-play?

I am not the best writer. Not even close. Which needs to change if I want to write a compelling story. That in itself is hard enough, but to convey that in a visual form that is both entertaining and enlightening, is going to be a huge challenge. Do I write a poem? Short Story? Blog post?

I was supposed to talk about my new game, not talk about the struggles that I am facing trying to make it. The game is called Time Lace. You play as a character named Finn, in a world that is shifting and unpredictable. In this world, Finn needs to collect orbs to stay alive. This provides a life force for him. Even though the orbs keep him alive, eventually they will stop working their magic, and Finn will die. He doesn’t know when exactly this will happen, but he knows eventually he will die.

One day he finds a weird looking orb in the wild. Finn eats it, only to discover it tells him when he is going to die. Every step that he takes makes the bar move slowly. Frightened, Finn discovers that he doesn’t want to die and that he needs to find a way to live. That is why he must venture to the top of the world, and find the magical orb that will allow him to live forever.

So the goal of the game is you playing as Finn trying to live forever, since you are faced with the harsh reality that you will die.

Here is an early concept art piece.



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